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Forever Indian

First time ICF history when an India match did not have Match Thread?

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2 hours ago, Forever Indian said:

From my 10+ years in ICF, I have seen even matches against minnows like Afghanistan having match thread an hour or two before start.


Seems even ardent cricket fans don't care about this pointless series or the brainless team management.

The lack of apparent interest a harbinger of the post cricket era?

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Indian team has lost a lot of respect and face amongst its supporters.


Sure while I did expect India to win the ODI and Test series in NZ, I could have accepted a fighting loss or drawn series. What they put out was disgraceful. They had multiple opportunities to do well and yet they failed.


What angers me the most is that the kids are given like 1-2 chances and if they fail, they are kicked out for a period of time.


I hope the NZ tour ends a few Indian careers, like Rahane and Jadhav for starters.

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The Dhoni-Kohli-Shastri mafia over the last few years has gradually strangulated Indian cricket. Way too much of PR in anything associated with cricket. Add to it lack of professionalism, instead what we see is IOUs and friendships trumping over talent and long term interests of our cricket.


This will gradually drift hordes of fans away from the game. This season may just have triggered that process.

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