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What videos are you watching thread?

Jimmy Cliff

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1 minute ago, Under_Score said:

LOL...all I said was Bijness & Yoga combo never seen before.....you are again asking silly questions :smiley:


There are many other videos of this event. But you posted the one which asks if Modi-Yogi will dare to take action against them. 


So, obvious question - which crime has Ramdev committed?

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3 minutes ago, Under_Score said:

Dekho bhaissab...It is Saturday evening...time to enjoy a few drinks...tum bhi peg lagao :nice:...why are you so riled up about the video....read my comment when I posted the video, did I ever say Why feku or ayogi not taking action against Lala Haramdev? 

Anyway....Cheers :martini_shaken:



I am not getting riled up.


WFH time. Staying at home. Drinking not allowed. 


Video title says that - so that's why it was obvious question. 


Can you edit your post and use this video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEfArrBAyAg, so that it doesn't mislead ICFers.


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