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This is why desi unkil Trump supporters make me laugh

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On 7/27/2020 at 11:28 PM, someone said:

Obama is deeply unpopular, and strong resentment against his policies particular in battleground states. No wonder, he is so irrelevant today, and Biden doesn't bring his past record. He only can attack Trump, and meet lobby groups.

That's not true at all..I am not really a fan of Obama but he is probably the most popular and influentual political figure currently in US...he is especially very popular among millenials and Gen Z. The major reasons Biden won the Democratic nomination was mainly due to him being VP under Obama and Clyburn's endorsement.


Obama had a high approval rating by the end of his 2nd term, his approval rating was in high 50's..which is a excellent approval rating in this polarized era. For comparison, Bush's approval rating was around 30% during end of his 2nd term. Trump's current approval rating is around 40%.


Also, Obama won all the major battle ground states (Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida, Wisconsin, Ohio, Minnesota, Nevada and even Iowa) in both his presidential elections....the areas where his popularity declined during his presidency were mainly areas that were dependent on coal industry(especially West Virginia).

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