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Mukesh Ambani now world's 5th-richest man, leaves behind Warren Buffett and Elon Musk !!!

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4 hours ago, velu said:


did few online shopping with ajio .. branded items are far cheaper than what we get it in online stores , even lesser than myntra kind

ajio's  customer care is also really good and they asked me my feedback few times about the items receivecd 

They have tied up well with brands which will cater to different price and quality sensitive segments. They will be Alibaba and Amazon of India in future. Reliance is also expanding in Jewelry segment by increasing Jewelry stores.Some innovative and niche products are on the way. 5G is also one of their target. India needs a visionary like Ambani who has and further looks for achieving a lot for himself as well as making India more capable in many aspects.

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may be varies from city to city but i have been using BB for few years, may be once in blue moon i have had quality complain 
It's definitely the case in hyderabad. I have been using BB for few years as well. Since lockdown, the perishable items have been disappointing to say the least.

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Ordering fruits and vegetables online is hit and miss. Even Amazon Pantry has disappointed too many times.. I discovered frugivore.in a few months back and stuck with them since. A bit expensive than others but the quality and packaging is outstanding.


Now that APMC hold has been removed by Modi gormint, I expect a lot more investment in food storage, handling and logistics overall, and better and cheaper delivery of perishable goods.

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On 7/24/2020 at 2:01 PM, Straight Drive said:

I had a good experience with Jio Mart. Complaints will always be there in service industry. Jio Mart handles 2.5 lakh orders per day so there are bound to be complaints.


I have used Grofers, Big Basket, D Mart , Jio Mart. Some or other challenge was faced with all distributors but it's not that I was cheated.

The second order experience with Jio Mart has been horrible.


1 Packet was missing.


Delivery person did not hand over 2 packets of one material.


3 packets of different packaged food products were torn.

Which stupid manager in world will ask to pack 5 Kg sugar in paper bag considering the handling is not good when it leaves store and then transported in tempo.


30 % of the order amount is at loss and now follow ups need to be done with customer care.



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