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Is Virat Kohli’s bollywood connection a concern?

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Controversial topic but let me try to

articulate it.


In recent times there are reports of how ISI has infiltrated Bollywood or has for the last few years/decade or so.


ISI agents have had business deals with some major Bollywood stars and clearly there is a visible pattern of the ideology, the film making and even the public opinions of these folk.


Bollywood,Politics,Business,Cricket,Media these are some

of the most high profile professions/Industries in India. Feel free to add the ones I am missing out.

Out of  those I would say cricket is relatively cleaner. Yes there is fixing mafia,betting, corruption at the admin level etc involved but at least all the cricketers who come in to the Indian side have earned their stripes. Even the ones we feel who are not up to the standard need to have had some body of work that earned them a shot.


Kohli is the biggest name in Indian cricket today and probably world cricket. Anushka too at least on the surface seems to have achieved success with her hardwork and talent. Now I am sure they have no malice or might be genuinely good people but Anushka too seems to be a part of this lobby (SRK/YRF/K JO) who seem to have shady links with ISI. 

We can also see the trend in the kind of movies she has been in or the ones she has been producing. I am pretty sure it’s not her or Virat’s personal money that go into financing these projects.


Now as a sportsman you are also a diplomat representing your country so no harm in being Pc with your answers and attitude but we can clearly see Virat take his diplomacy to the next level. I don’t think I have seen MSD or Rohit or our legends from the past go

out of their way to praise Pakistan. Sure, they might have acknowledged how good some of the Pakistani  greats were or how well they were received by Pakistanis  but that seemed very organic and not forced like it comes across with Virat.


I don’t want this to sound like a conspiracy theory because everything I have stated above is right in front of us.


Also I have no doubt about Virat’s commitment or integrity. However he might be in a compromising situation due to all the things mentioned above.


I would say this is something that needs to be monitored and not looked at casually.


Mods @sandeep Please keep it in chit chat or move to cricket talk as you seem appropriate.


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I don't think it has anything to do with the underworld or ISI. One just has to visit his Instagram page to see how many padosis are drooling over him...


He is maximizing his marketability. 


His wife rubbed off on him by making him do more nautanki for sure though. Chew wears his ring around his neck and kisses it after a century and has his wife appear during away tours with the team. The latter is low level corruption.:sick: Like only he has a wife among all the players, staff, coaches on the team. 

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