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MS Dhoni announces retirement from international cricket on his Instagram account.

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1 minute ago, Gambit said:

India fans growing up on a diet of Mongia, Deep Dasgupta and Ajay Ratra wanted a Gilchrist. Not only did we get a Gilchrist, we got a Bevan and an S.Waugh too. 


Enjoy your retirement Legend. We are all Sidhonis and sscomps today.

Superbly written :hatsoff:

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No stats can show the value of his running, quick running between wkts is one of the essential things in ODI cricket coz not only u help ur self but ur partner as well and in the end it does make 15-20 run diff and even more. 



and ofcourse during such times also 





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Although India’s overseas decline in Test cricket post 2011 under Dhonis leadership which left me with sour taste and his subsequent elongation of LOI career in which he was done affected the team BUT his leadership between 2007-2011 defines him as the best captain of the Indian team in the modern era. A man with flaws as well as greatness. However he will be an ATG forever.


Have a happy retirement MS 

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Everybody connected with him, be it fans or players. Came from a smaller town, and in a unstructured way. Unlike the Kohlis/Sachin who come from big cities and Indian youth teams.


There is nobody more successful than him with such a journey. And I dont think we will ever find anybody else with such background..


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