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Pandya’s finishing (in cricket) skills tracker

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5 hours ago, Global.Baba said:

I can at least respect that hustle as that guy who said it was probably sticking  up for his countrymen


On the other hand you called Shardul 20% of Hardik Pandya :laugh:.


Now time for retrospection. 

Shardul's about 20% of the batsman that Hardik is.  There's simply no putting more lipstick on that particular pig of an argument. 

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6 hours ago, Global.Baba said:

Hasn’t bowler either. Has anyone seen him bowl? How does he get a A grade contract.


Love Pandya’s batting. Very exciting. Top Overall a quality cricketer but people have a problem because he keeps getting handed things while others are judged more stringently. Keeps walking in and out of the team without such performances yet.


Why does his bowling have to be protected? So he will just switch on and switch off in a crisis situation if he has to bowl? 

Why do we write of other players  without them getting the same rope? Why hasn’t a guy who hit a 300 against England not getting chances? Now experts will come in and say they didn’t “see quality”. How does that work?


In a fair world, benchmarks are fair for everyone and shouldn’t go by just someone’s eye test.


Erre yaar hypocrisy ki bhi seema hoti hai 



U call me for liking players who can hit sixes, whereas when rohit was struggling in test ur only defense was he can hit so many sixes.  Infact u were putting some random stats of him hitting one six every game. Ab batao main t20 men six hitting ability ki baat karu to few sixes ka deewana aur tume 1 chakke ki baat karo wo bhi test match men to wo accumen. Taaliyaaan


Didnt u make a thread on rohit for giving him last 8-10 chances more every time he scored a 50 after 7-8 innings and then cycle repeated.


Karun nair may have dropped from XI for rahane but from squad he was dropped for rohit . Rohit came of without no domestic red ball or even runs in IPL. 


Ya to khudh mat karo ya dusro ko mat bolo. Rohit ki quality ke gungaan aapke maniac bhaisahab ne kitne saal gaye hai wo batane ki zaroot. Not to also forget ishant sharma whose big part of the career was extremely below avg.



About his bowling, he has a back surgery and reason for injury was his action. They have top guys assesing his fitness. If they feel his back needs time so be it. If his back gets hurt again he ll be gone for a year atleast. Dube chahiye terko uski replacement. Its not that he is lazy to bowl but getting injured again isnt smart that to for IPL. 


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25 minutes ago, sandeep said:



 I mean, I don't want to overrate Pandya the test cricketer, because he is at best a squaddie in 17, not even in 14 or 15.  And maybe with a bit of luck and better fitness, can be part of a possible test XI.  But the guy offers possible value - there's simply no denying that.

Has anyone denied it? I won’t speak for others but please and seriously request you to go back and read my first post you took offence to. Have I denied that Pandya doesn’t have value or is not a fantastic utility cricketer? 

The point I was making is, Pandya seems to be a lot more privileged than some of the other cricketers around Indian cricket, as some  of the examples I have quoted.  That’s all, that pretty much was it.


Forget about all the other rabbit hole we have gone on with Thakur etc, once again  the only point is Pandya has been treated like a golden child and at some point the expectations will be high yield. People still haven’t forgiven the backing given to Rohit, Ishant and Jadeja despite them nearing ATG status. That was it. At this point I am seriously concerned because every time my post  involves Pandya, you seem to get into this irrational hysteria/anger which I really don’t get. I am not trying to rile you up. I am serious.



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This is what SDP did in the last few series (highlights):


  • IPL 2020 - the thread followed it. Avg 35, SR 179 
  • Aus ODI series - best player for Ind. Most runs with 2 90s (despite batting in the lower middle order) 
  • Aus T20 series - Man of the series 
  • Eng T20 series - bowled a few brilliant spells 
  • Eng ODI series - 60 odd in the final ODI to help Ind clinch the series 


So when he is playing at his best, he has been the highest scorer and won Man of the series. When he has not played at his best, he has still won Ind games with both the bat & the ball including in crunch games ... And since we talked about Rohit, the guy has only played one good knock (benefiting from dropped catches) in the whole LOI series v Eng (T20s + ODIs) ... At Chennai, when everyone knows that batting has been difficult after 12-13 overs in general w/ teams losing after even being in winning positions, some folks, conveniently, want to get into funny discussions :rolleyes:



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1 hour ago, Ankit_sharma03 said:

About his bowling, he has a back surgery and reason for injury was his action. They have top guys assesing his fitness. If they feel his back needs time so be it. If his back gets hurt again he ll be gone for a year atleast.


Ppl are forgetting the below, how he came back through hard work, including having to rework his bowling action. Of course, teams will try not to put too much pressure on him:



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