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After rayudu , shubhman gill is the best white ball Indian batsman against spin.


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14 minutes ago, Number said:

Rayudu better than Kohli ?

In 2012 23 year old Kohli scored 183 while chasing 330 against blatantly chucking Ajmal & Hafeez in the days when no batsman looked comfortable against them.

yes he is better then kohli in terms of playing spin. Just becoz he played one good knock against a chucker doesnt make him better. 

Manoj tiwary can play spin better then kohli, its judged over a period of times

Same rayudu has hit rashid with ease whom whole world has found tough


Same kohli has been dismissed few times by gopal in IPL, 5 times in internation by zampa, rashid troubled him so much that earned him a test spot. Whole world knows kohli has developed a chink against leggies 

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