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India Today and Republic TV named by BARC FIR & Mumbai Police respectively for manipulating TRP ratings

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My personal take on this issue is we are focusing more on the news channels than the actual news. Surely Mumbai Police has better job to do than doing press conference on private news channel's TRP ratings?


As a viewer I couldn't care less what is Republic's or India Today's TRP. How does that help me in anyway? Where are the real news?


How many channel's covered what happened in Bengal yesterday when TMC workers and BJP karyakartas clashed?


Where are the news regarding the pandemic?


What about the death of Indian food minister Ram Vilas Paswan?


All channel's were just focussing on this trp drama on their prime time news yesterday, :astonished:

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Nothing that's comes out of mumbai surprises me anymore. 


Maharashtra Gujrat area esp Mumbai has the most assaults and murders of rti activists and we all saw how the govt there does vendetta with small time actors being targeted lol. Shitty state of affair, maha govt needs to understand that its beneath a popular govt and its police dept to get into ego clashes and fights. Its just very demeaning to India as a whole.

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