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Thala Academy of Tuk Tuk - Slow innings that costed their Teams a victory this IPL

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1 minute ago, Cricketics said:

@zenyou figured not every pitch is same even if ground has history of big runs, a siff track can be used to play and pitches have slowed down. 

IF Kkr had guys who could have batted well on top today, one hitter like Russell could have won them the game. No one took responsibilty. 


Considering this pitch and batting first, it was not a good knock (cannot compare w/ KKR's inning played with RRR  - batting 2nd) .... Note that we are talking about good established players here not Gill or Tripathi .... Only thing that can work for Kohli's knock is that he gave strike to ABDV and/or maybe he figured that a lower score would be a winning one 

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17 hours ago, BacktoCricaddict said:

Good point.  While we are dissing KLR, let us also take a moment to appreciate his team-mate, Ozzie hot star Glenn "the great" Maxwell's intent, his passion, his hellbent desire  ... to return to the dugout at the earliest possible moment.  

Thing is, Maxwell's performances are not scrutinised the way the performances of our players are.

For the Indian players, the Indian fans attach significant importance to IPL performances. Many of the players are those have played for India or are knocking on the doors of a call up. We don't really care if Maxwell makes it to the Australian team.


Also, selectors in India attach some weight to IPL performances. There are so many who are selected even in the ODI side just on the basis of their IPL exploits. I don't know if Australians attach any importance to IPL performances of their players, unless its a T20 vs India/ in India.


In general, I get the impression that the Australians are in the IPL to make $ with minimal effort and enjoy the IPL. Have said this before too. They aren't as emotionally involved in the game as say the West Indians or the South Africans. That is my reading. So I wouldn't look to closely at Maxwell's burning desire to get back to the dug out as quickly as possible.


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People praising Gang bang T20 cricket, Butler and Stokes batting was responsible for this loss. When they had RRR in check, there was no need to go hammer and tongs when you know there is no batting after Samson. This was not sensible from them. They could have played responsibly rorating strike and winning this sanely. This was Chutiyapa from them today against DC. 

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