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Tracking the fielding of our youngsters

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More than catches, I am more concerned about ground fielding. Catches one will continue to drop even after being best of the best fielder. Players make mistake and we move on. Hoowever when players don't put effort on the field, don't dive properly or more importantly don't make an extra effort to go after the ball or run to stop that extra run or boundary, it discourages the fast bowler a lot. These little things plays mentally on the mind of a fast bowler who ends up then trying different things and further screws up his over. 


We need fielders to back the bowlers. Half hearted fielding efforts is what no bowler appreciates as runs given gets reported under bowler and not a fielder. You can't score 50 in a game and then come out and field like its walk in the park and be that jerk who thinnks he is going to get picked in the team as he just scored a 50. You got to put full effort or else you are costing your team a match. 


Disappointed with the fielding effort of some of these youngsters. 



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