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Hats Off to the IPL Governing Council!!

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Guess they should also have  some introduction music everytime a batsman comes out to bat...bowlers should be given mics to throw special challenges at a batsman in a hoarse voice right in the middle of the match. Batsman carrying some bikini girls out with them on their shoulders occasionally will surely beef up the entertainment. Eventually IPL should be renamed as Indian Entertainment League by the year 2025.

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On 10/19/2020 at 12:31 AM, Cricketics said:

The script about Rohit Sharma trying to be Jos Butler when he tried that paddle sweep against Shami’s scorcher in super over when just 5 required in super over. That will go down as the best story telling script. One for the ages.

Stephanie Mcmahon can learn a thing or two.



How can you forget the Jordan running? :giggle:

Running 21 mtrs when he needed only 18/19 

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