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Seven Britons 'of Pakistani origin' including two minors are arrested in Paris for 'trying to run over a cop outside Israeli embassy'

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On 10/22/2020 at 7:23 PM, Laaloo said:

"This is an Indian plan, this incident never happened, RAW is publishing fake stories so that pakistan continues in fatf gray list and in return India will buy more weapons from France to destroy Pakistan because they are jealous of our peace loving nation" - educated pakistani. 

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Every time someone is caught, the parents or sibling pretends that so n so is innocent and they have reared the idiot very well. This is some kind of sajishh against their child.


What we are taught in our childhood by our parents is that, all of our bad actions will question their up bringing. We were questioned and severely punished if they found something unacceptable even if it was a trivial thing. Yahan bachha terrorist ban ke kuchh kar bhi deta hai to yeh log responsibility lete bhi nahi. Sala they always blame rss, mudi, indus, jews, govt, military and everyone else. No way the first generation migrants could be absolved. They let their piglets get radicalize and subsequent generation promoted it even further. 


Yeh 1% wali theory libbus ki hai jo #1 hutiye hai. They dont foresee that when the fire will be set, nothing will be spared including themselves from its wrath. 



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