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IPL Match 41 | CSK vs MI | 23-Oct-2020 | Sharjah 7:30pm IST

CSK vs MI  

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  1. 1. Who wins?

    • Best team in the universe: MI
    • Gramps XI
  2. 2. How easily will MI win?

    • By 10 wickets
    • By 9 wickets
    • By 8 wickets
    • By 100 runs
    • By 75 runs
    • By 50 runs

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This is the only game that matters in the IPL.


:csk: vs :mi:



Mumbai Indians vs Chennai Super Kings (MI vs CSK) Total Matches – 30

Mumbai Indians (MI)

Total Games won Mumbai Indians (MI) – 18

Total Games lost Mumbai Indians (MI) – 12
Total Games Tie Mumbai Indians (MI) – 0


The only IPL rivalry that has a wikipedia entry



Friendly video just for your entertainment



A longer version for those have an academic interest in all things cricket



Customary fake smile pic

MI vs CSK Head to Head Records | Mumbai Indians vs Chennai Super Kings H2H  Stats | IPL Qualifier 1

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11 minutes ago, Stan AF said:

Bbbbleeddyyyy star sports buggers are running greatest rivalry bullshit all day long. They do this every time when these 2 play.

If this report is anything to go by, the opening game of this IPL was watched by 20 cr people.


To put things in perspective, only 7 countries have a population of more than 20 cr. :afraid:

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Life is short and full of ups and downs. While you are at the top of the World, don’t forget those who are in dire need of your support, love and affection. All they need is a hand of support...

Ambanis are leading by example, doing lots of Charity work. This could be one more...



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24 minutes ago, Stan AF said:

Mariyam, that's cause of covid effect. First game for indian players in like 6 months.

Out of curiosity, and after 2 mins of lurking on the BARC website



I come across this



English News combined: The Arnabs, the Times Now, The NDTVs all put together have 0.45 Mn views (Impressions as they call it) on an average. The IPL has close to 80 mn!!

And this is only Urban India.

As a nation we exaggerate the importance and the reach of English News channels. 

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