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For 2 million, KKR didn't see it CUMMINS

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3 minutes ago, Cricketics said:

BRUH i know its hurting to see three other teams join MI at 14 Be ready, they ain't making to finals. 


O btw, you from Mumbai or just supporting them because of Tendlya once played?

Yeah bro I’m so deeply hurt. I don’t want Punjab, rcb, or Delhi to have more ipl championships than mumbai :sad_smile:


Looks like I touched a nerve. I don’t know why you question my fandom everytime but yeah I’m a mumbai fan because of Tendlya. Dude the last time you went to Delhi was what two years back? And that was what after 25 years? Lol and you’re questioning me :phehe:

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Cummins is used to a supporting role in his national side with Starc as the main strike bowler. Here Morgan and Baz are trying to make him their spearhead.


KKR's bowling strategies have been ridiculous through out the tournament, today Lockie who is their most impressive bowler didn't bowl until 11th over and Nagarkoti didn't bowl even one over

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13 hours ago, Mariyam said:

Most expensive jeera of all time?



"Jeera" is not combining with "Lauki" ( Ferguson ), not bowling together. So, the dish is not as tasty.  Meanwhile, the "Cook"( Alistair ) is retired and sitting in England.  And the one who is "Prasidh" is not getting to bowl his full quota of overs. 


Batsman are being fooled by an "Archer" firing cannon balls.  So, he is doing well. And the "Butler" ( Jos of his team )  has served his franchise too. Young "Tyagi" becoming a crorepati is a bit of an oxymoron though. 


From your team, " Boom-rah " firing effective cannon balls is expected though. And Thunder"Boult" has been an able aid.  While "Kishan" has reaped rich rewards with the bat. 



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53 minutes ago, Mariyam said:

[Arnab mode] lauki, jeera, kaddu etc


@express bowling you have been exposed. you have been completely exposed.


Hi Sanjeev Kapoor.


[/Arnab Mode]


"Merry Yam"


I think Sanjeev Kapoor was doing TV shows when I was in high school.   :phehe:


And I could not even prepare Maggi before this lockdown. [   Feeling humiliated as I write this. :peep:   ]

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