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21-year-old Shot Dead in Broad Daylight Outside Her College

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The attacker, Touseef, and his friend Rehan, were apparently waiting in a car for her to come out. Touseef and Nikita knew each other and he had kidnapped her in 2018 too, said Faridabad police officer OP Singh.


Apparently, family had withdrawn FIR after consulting good for nothing village elders. Negligence on part of both family & police as well

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5 hours ago, Franco Vazquez said:

These crimes are committed by Hindus too in India. Not that surprising. People do watch Crime Patrol. I blame BW which has instilled in young peoples mind that love is the most important thing in the world which makes people desperate.

This is a subset of crime which has come more in attention recently....like England's grooming gangs problem. Numerous such gruesome murders, all crime is bad but here focus is on a particular type...just like we categorize and lay emphasis on acid attacks, dowry deaths, honor killings, mob lynchings etc.


Here the boy posed as Rahul, abducted her a few times, forced her to change religion, when she resisted killed her.....common theme more in news now (people slowly waking up) where faking of identity, conversion threats are common. To solve any problem first there must be acknowledgment that it exists. 

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You want to believe Your religion is supreme and you are on right path to God. Go on have that belief. But jihad against non believers and conversion by hook or crook, needs course correction. Don’t eff with others. 

Proud that I am regarded as Kaafir and support every Kaafir

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14 hours ago, Gollum said:

Encounter karo else this cockroach will be out free in no time, strong political connections. 

BJP CMs (except Yogi) and also Central Govts ministers are more secular than opposition parties. Most of the BJP netas still behave like they are in opposition than ruling with a majority. Liberals blame BJP for everything but they don’t know that having BJP is a blessing in disguise because BJP is just similar to Congress but even worse because it also ditches its own ecosystem and supporters. So don’t expect much from Modi and his acolytes. He will rather walk the middle (east) path and retire getting some peace awards.

India needs a true RW party not an event management party.

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17 hours ago, Laaloo said:

These people will never change. We need to educate our families to stay away from that. As simple as that.

How can you stay away, all that poor girl did was go to college for exam. This is getting ridiculous , these bastards need to be dealt severely.

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Why Tauseef killed Ballabhgarh girl Nikita Tomar


Since Nikita had refused to convert to Islam and rejected his friendship, Tauseef was infuriated and wanted to teach Nikita a lesson. With no option left, Tauseef planned to kill her and shot her dead as she came out of her college on Monday after taking her exams.


NEW DELHI: Amid national outrage over the sensational Ballabhgarh ''love jihad'' murder case and the growing clamour for justice for the victim, it has come to light why Tauseef killed the 19-year-old college student in Faridabad on Monday. Tauseef, who along with his friend Rehan, was arrested from Mewat by the Haryana Police SIT, has reportedly told the investigators that he killed Nikita Tomar as she was planning to get married soon to some other person.

Since Nikita had refused to convert to Islam and rejected his ''friendship'', Tauseef was infuriated and wanted to teach Nikita a lesson. With no option left, Tauseef planned to kill her and shot her dead as she came out of her college on Monday after taking her exams.

The two accused in the case - Tauseef and Rehan - were produced before a court in Faridabad district and sent to two-day police remand. As the police continues to investigate the broad daylight murder of the 19-year-old girl, several intriguing facts have also come to light which exposes Tauseef’s family’s strong political connections, which is why he managed to do away after committing such heinous crime.

Tauseef’s family is closely linked to sitting Congress MLA Chaudhary Aftab Ahmed from Nuh (Mewat) constituency of Haryana. In 2019, Chaudhary Aftab Ahmed was re-elected and nominated as Deputy Leader of Congress Legislative Party Haryana. He has also served as Transport minister, Tourism minister, Printing & Stationary minister and state vice-president of the Haryana Congress.

It may be recalled that the SIT constituted by the Haryana Police to nab the two culprits – Tauseef and Rehan – involved in the murder of Nikita Tomar were arrested from Nuh, which is represented by Chaudhary Aftab Ahmed.

This proves why Nikita’s family had preferred to keep a low profile as they feared serious consequences because of Tauseef’s family’s strong political links. Nikita’s father had told that till today no one from the Congress party, let alone the sitting legislator of the area, has come to their rescue or offered any help.

The girl's father had alleged that Tauseef had been harassing her for the last two years and pressing her for marriage, which she refused. He also claimed that Tauseef was trying to convert Nikita to Islam. 

"He should be given capital punishment and our family should be given security," the girl’s father said. During the investigation, it emerged that the main accused was the woman's classmate and they had known each other, according to the Haryana police. The ongoing investigation into the case has revealed that Tauseef was harassing Nikita for the past two years and a police complaint was also lodged by her family against him.

But since her family was scared of Tauseef’s influential political family, a compromise was reached in the presence of panchayat members. With Mewat now emerging as the new hotbed of love jihad, it has also come to light why several Hindu families had to migrate from Mewat and surrounding areas in recent years.

The brother of a 21-year-old college girl, who was given an emotional farewell on Tuesday (October 27) amid furore over forced conversions in the Mewat region, had told Zee News that Tauseef was repeatedly pressurising her to convert to Islam so that he can marry her – a point that Mewat is the new hotbed of ‘love jihad’ in the country.   

Nikita's brother also stated that accused Tauseef is the nephew of Congress MLA Chaudhary Aftab Ahmed, which is why the two killers rushed to Mewat soon after committing the heinous crime to evade the law.

The sensational crime was even captured by someone over the mobile phone, the footage of which went viral over social media. In the video, Tauseef, along with his accomplice Rehan, is seen arriving outside the college and parking the white-colored car on the road.

Nikita is seen walking on the road accompanied by one of her friends and the accused suddenly takes out a pistol and shoots her behind her ear from a close range leaving her in a pool of blood at the spot. Before a few passersby, who noticed the crime taking place, could react, the two accused escaped from the spot in their car. The incident triggered protests with students and local residents blocking the Sohna-Ballabgarh road for several hours on Tuesday.

After the two accused were arrested, Haryana Home Minister Vij said the murder weapon has also been recovered. "An SIT led by ACP, Crime, Anil Kumar would ensure quick investigation and time-bound trial to ensure justice to the family," the Minister said. With the Congress link with the murder accused coming to the fore, Congress slammed the Haryana government for poor law and order in the state.


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