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Naya Pakistan ka purana Imran :-( (topic updated)

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32 minutes ago, SM2907 said:

I don't have full confidence on this line. There may be religious fanatics who may want ties with Pakistan. Often leaders in kashmir keep mentioning India should talk to Pakistan


True. There might be cultural and familial ties between the two Kashmiris. But 75 years of independence means there's a lot which has changed as well. 


I disagree with the sentiment that Indians and Pakistanis are the same people seperated by politics and partition. We might once have been but we aren't the same anymore. And India is a lot more diverse than Rajasthan, Delhi, Punjab etc where the excuse is used that the cuisine is the same etc etc. 


People in South India couldn't care less about Pakistan except when they invariably humiliate themselves for laughs.

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