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ICF Member Interview: Vilander

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2 hours ago, Gollum said:

Thank you @Vilander for taking the time to answer these questions, enjoyable read. 



If interested, posters can ask follow up questions or other questions here. No time constraints, and entirely up to Vilander whether he wants to answer now, later or skip.

Thank you Gollum yes happy to respond. If I missed any from earlier I will pick and try to answer here later. Cheers. 

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3 minutes ago, Rightarmfast said:

Is that true? I am hoping to be moving to Canada by mid next year. Damn, thats some incentive to move fast :)

Have no idea about Canadian women .. never been 

I am moving to Latvia in 2021 , you should see them there !!!!!

If I was you I wouldn't move from India , women there are very very nice , not that I looked :--D


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20 hours ago, Tattieboy said:

Absolutely beautiful !!! Been going to Latvia for 15 years twice a year .

Half  country   are Latvian Latvian and   other half are Latvian Russians 

i was in Finland at the time, my friends at the time did a weeklong tour around from Estonia to st.petersburg. Regretted missing it after seeing some of the pics. Beautiful place. 

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