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Real McCoy

The curious case of Franco Vazquez - the ICFer and a BFer

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2 hours ago, Real McCoy said:

whats your problem. are you another id of franco. im just pointing to the obvious hypocrisy of a certain padosi. now gitt

You seem to have scared that man-child away from ICF :phehe:

Let him do his RR on other forums, soon they will get tired of his shenanigans and he will make an ID in Bangla forum where asterix da will do his thing. 

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10 hours ago, Real McCoy said:


What do you want me to do when blockathon is on. Do you want me to see every ball. I was using the phone to check how aussies were reacting and saw a familiar name and the way he was reacting looked like how a pakistani will react. Even aussies caught on to it

Bigfooty is heaven when India is owning Aussie team especially in tests. Many cybabies there:phehe:, hope for a mega meltdown after Brisbane draw, even better if rain screws them over:dance:

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