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England tour of Sri Lanka, 2021 - Discussion Thread

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43 minutes ago, prudent_kreeda said:

 Broad  in  SC conditions is trying different grips to change the pace and bounce as he knows he cannot survive the full tour if goes full blast . Saw a video of him explaining different type of releases to be used in SC  conditions. One needs to careful early of assuming same speed & bounce while playing strokes to him till you get to make out the tricks he is using .



I observed that.


He tried cross seamers, leg cutters, indicated a leg cutter to the keeper and bowled a bouncer etc.


But such deliveries should not fetch wickets in test matches if the batsman defends or leaves.


They fetch wickets in T20s because batters are compelled to hit almost every ball.


The earlier SL batters tried to hit too many balls.

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23 minutes ago, Norman said:

Meh! Doesn't matter ! They'd still need to win atleast 3-0 against us.

Our chances of earning points from brisbane are slim to none. If england get 120 points from here they will be at 412 while we will be at 400. At that point we'll be below nz and eng in terms of percentages.




However while i still think we can win against england easily at home, the number of injuries are a concern.

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