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England tour of Sri Lanka, 2021 - Discussion Thread

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12 minutes ago, Ankit_sharma03 said:


Please please Selectors Select Pandya for him.....he shud mauled when he bowls here


Pandya has some back issues..  Let him focus on LOIs against them.  There's a lot of cricket this year.  We have enough FTB's to smash likes of Bess etc..  I have a feeling Amar Virdi will make his test debut against us. 

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6 minutes ago, The Realist said:

Cricket seems to be in terminal decline around the world in the few countries that actually play it. 


How can you sustain a sport with 3 teams?

I don't think cricket is in decline in lanka. I mean look at the crowd at nidahas final, random tri series where lanka didn't even make final yet stadium was packed. Their team just sucks at the moment. small population so bound to happen at some point, like nz 10 yrs ago.. just need to wait for talented players to pop up again

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