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Gabba weather watch

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Can't trust BBC or any of the weather apps (at least the ones I checked).  Brisbane was showing rain/thundery showers almost the whole day yesterday but that did not happen.

Any reliable weather sources people are aware of?

I'd rather we don't play the 5th day, with the pitch misbehaving do not want any more injuries.

Even if we draw we retain the trophy, that is enough.

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9 minutes ago, Gollum said:

We should never have bowled these many overs. At times we were going at 16-18 overs per hour with 4 man bowling attack, was that necessary?


Rahane acting like a total d0uche in terms of wasting time and having pathetic over rate would have been a blessing. We'd be much closer to saving this game and would be better off with him banned for 1-2 home tests :p:

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