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Lukman Merriwala and Ripal Patel?

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3 hours ago, maniac said:

for t20 that’s fine I guess. Also he is a domestic veteran. Remember there was a bowler called Trivedi who played for RR. Used to be a very clever bowler even though was just a trundler by most standards, was always economical due to his experience.

Siddharth Trivedi RR specialist

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5 hours ago, Ankit_sharma03 said:

i can understand why Indian power hitter are a rare breed . 

Shahrukh, ripal, dube, samad ...can be counted on hand. So whatever best is avl they ll go coz its a must to have power hitters now

I think vishnu vinod virat singh are big hitters. Never got a chance

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5 hours ago, NameGoesHere said:



I saw all his shots.  Thank god we're not yet Pakistan that we have to big up every lappabaaz cow corner specialist, because that's what this lad looks like basis the little I saw.  My guess - he's ungainly, unbalanced and with a technique that they'll take apart at the international level. 





Lappebaaz are needeed. U cant have country full of pandya and russell that every franchise will find one brilliant one. Its a rare thing specially in asian cricket as of now. 

He looks to have quick hands and good base so i dnt think he ll be that bad

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10 hours ago, Ankit_sharma03 said:

Tripathi a diff kind of player thougb who can bat in top 4 but has a major problem against high pace. This guy remains to be seen but he is suited at 6,7

Actually Tripathi played quite well against DC coming at 6 and scored a 16 ball 36.. nearly won the match for Kkr. So it remains to be seen how both players are utilised 

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