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Are you taking the odds (13/2) on Eng for the 3rd test?

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23 hours ago, sarchasm said:

Our bowlers are doing ok. They were pretty good in that first test even with the handicap of two passengers as bowlers, Sundar and Nadeem.


The batting has a brittle look about it, though. The triumvirate of Kohli, Pujara, and Rahane simply do not make big hundreds with enough regularity. If these three were churning out the runs we expect from them, this series would be done and dusted by now.

Rahane is the real issue in that lineup. Kohli and Pujara maybe slightly past their respective peaks but Rahane's 35 average in the last 4 + years is costing this team big time. They have to either play Pant at 7 to accommodate Rahane and play 4 bowlers or replace him .

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Just now, Serpico said:

will any bookmaker let you bet AGAINST the draw though? that is basically asking them to give you money no matter which team wins. I doubt any betting site lets you make that bet

Yes they do. You can just do it yourself by betting on both England and India as well and balancing it out




With the odds Zen posted: 


You could split a $100 between India ($83) and England ($17) and get a 30% return as long as there's no draw

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