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Virat Kohli on mental health and his struggles

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I don’t know what to say about this.


I don’t know if this all genuine. 


This is something Kohli touched upon earlier too, in a chat with Kevin Pietersen, when he said he wanted India's young cricketers to not commit the same mistakes as he did, in not seeking help.

"All the younger guys listening, because I was too focused on doing well from a personal point of view, I wanted to get runs," he had told Pietersenin an Instagram live. "I could never think of what the team wants me to do in this situation. I just got too engulfed with England tour - if I perform here, Test cricket, in my mind I'm going to feel established and all that crap on the outside, which is not important at all. It just ate me up. I just kept going into a downward spiral and I just couldn't get out of it. Horrible."[\quote]

his actions don’t match up to his words.. when kuldeep took his 1st wk, it was robot sharma who lifted him up whereas virat was just walking off.. I dint see virat jumping up and down.. his treatment to some of the young cricketers leave a lot to be desired..



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I am not going to judge him. Unfortunately he has put himself in this situation with his fake PR but I will take the leap of faith because it is not easy doing what he does on the field with all those expectations :hatsoff:


However I think this is a good excuse for BCCI to ease pressure of him by removing him from captaincy without any backlash.

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Not buying this image softening move by PR dept with the runs drying up. Despite that horror tour, Kohli's place was never in doubt and he was fully backed. . There's no way in hell any young player in his captaincy plays all games in a series with such poor scores. What about the depression Pant must have gone through with how he has been treated? What about the shock and hurt his sledging victims must have felt? 

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