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Rahane's India test career might end with the England tour this summer.

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On 2/28/2021 at 1:29 PM, rangeelaraja said:

Rahane is arguably India's most likable test cricketer.


Calm & unassuming and a genuinely terrific guy.


Anyone who closely watched India's victory in Brisbane and Rahane's mannerisms even after the victory - there was still a straight faced tensed/serious look - not a great amount of joy as one might have expected after such a great feat for Indian cricket.


Here is the story -  a colleague of mine has a family astrologer based in Thane for over 30 years. 


Rahane and his family uses the same astrologer.


Jinks was apparently told that as a Makar rashi native.- he is going through his peak Sade Sati period and apparently the astrologer told him to prepare for life after international cricket within the end of 2021.  This has been playing on his mind and hence the utterly serious face even after the historic Brisbane victory. 


The current England series is just adding to the this. 


I hope this prediction turns out to be false as I have always been a huge supporter and strongly feel he has at least another 3-4 good years to serve India. 


The tour to England will be decisive. Hope he comes to his own. 





BUMP !!!!


End of 2021/ Beginning of 2022. Here  we are. Bang on...


Astrology does not fail. Astrologers do.





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