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ATP/WTA tour 2021

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I thought we start one since there was no ATP/WTA Tour thread for the year.


For Federer fans, he is returning. For any fans, he is returning. Don’t worry about the results. Enjoy as long as it lasts. He is going to quit the game eventually soon so make the most of this by watching him play whenever you get a chance.



Indian news - Ramkumar Ramanathan going well in Qatar and has made it to round 1 where he faces Bubik. 

Meanwhile good news from Indian woman tennis also. Ankita Raina, highest ranked Indian havinf a dream run. She is doing well in Mexico and could face Bouchard in the  next round. 



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Interesting drama in Doha between Ramanathan and Bublik. Honesty Bublik should not worry about someone smiling. That sounded he was moaning. I am fine with him under arm serving but he has problem with Ramanathan smiling when he missed the point. It was just cheeky sledging or something which RamK often does without any malice. 


Watch it here





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Nadal and Djokovic both lose early in Monte Carlo, their first Masters of the season. What's surprising is that they both lost to unexpected players. Clay is clearly a young person's surface no matter how good you are. The decline is evident for Djokovic and Nadal. Federer declined on clay when he was in his 30s, now the same is happening for Djokodal.

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8 hours ago, rahul58 said:

It will Tsitsipas vs Rublev in the Monte-Carlo Masters FINAL tomorrow. My money on Tsitsipas, what about you?

Both are neck and neck in their H2H. But Rublev has beaten Tsitsipas in last year's Hamburg final on clay. Plus their last meeting was a straight sets victory to Rublev.  So slight edge to Rublev.

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