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Sky seems to be Jadhav part 2

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Didn't Jadhav impress in his debut series scoring a century in that improbable chase in Pune? Against England as well.


Nothing wrong in being a Jadhav. Admire the hustle of maximizing his talent to reach where he did. The blame is entirely on the skipper and the selectors who, time and again, struggle to move on from a player with diminishing returns. Especially when a better candidate is available.


Can only be good for India if Surya has Jadhav's ticker.

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Comparing SkY to Jadhav is completely absurd. SKY looks far more assured at crease and his game is tailor-made for T20s.


Jadhav never looked assured but credit where due, he was good for two years phase between 2015-17 but by around 2018, he started having a dip, became a selfish batsman and was completely done by 2019 WC. In IPL 2020, he was absolutely trash.

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jadhav was pretty good for 2 years. people seem to forget that and only look at his later performances when he admittedly declined. that 120 in 76 balls was one of the most free-flowing innings while chasing that I've seen (albeit on a very flat pitch). and his round-arm bowling was quite effective for a while.


Overall, I think SKY has a higher ceiling and will hopefully get enough chances to establish that.

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