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express bowling

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7 hours ago, express bowling said:



Arjun T is an interesting prospect indeed.


Really tall and a left armer too. Gets good bounce at sharp pace.


But I don't know where he stands in terms of bowling skills to the big boys. Last time I saw him, he was bowling his short balls quite well but his fuller balls were a bit floaty. I hope he has worked on this aspect.


If he bowls well, I will be really happy ... especially because he is tall and bouncy.

Arjun has serious technical issues. His back leg collapses after landing that makes his fuller balls floaty. He bowls over one foot as the back leg gets up.

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Siraj is a much improved bowler now.


His accuracy has improved even in white ball cricket.


And he is back to full pace. 


Bowling good bouncers too.


Impressed !!


Just want to see how he is bowling his yorkers. Bowled a couple of decent attempted yorkers today.



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