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Rate your top 4 MVP for MI

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Who do you think are top 4 MVP for MI.


Feel free to add or remove player from this list.



My top 4 MVP ranking are:


MVP 1 - Malinga 

Played the key role of being the best bowler in IPL and leading MI's bowling atya k for years.


MVP2 - Rohit 

There is nothing left to say about someone's captaincy who has won 5 IPL and 2 Champions league.



MVP3 - Pollard

Been the pillar of MI since inaugration of IPL iirc. Won many matches single handedly from losing positions. His fielding has been top class with very few percent drops. Has picked some wickets as well.


MVP 4 - Bumrah

Post Malinga, Bumrah is the torch bearer of the bowling attack for MI. Bowls the crucial death overs. In many matches he picks wickets as well as chokes runs in same bowling innings. A dual role that only Rashid Khan can do well in this format.



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MI is full of MPVs ... Selected players from the current ones 


Player - best season(s) 


Top order

QdK -  2020, 2019

Kishan - 2020 

SKY - 2020, 2019, 2018


Middle order 

SDP (Hardik) - 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017

Pollard - 2020, 2019 , 2017





R Chahar 



PS in terms of consistent impact -> SKY, SDP & Pollard, along with the bowlers 

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