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"1 % inspiration, 99% perspiration"

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Iirc, Thomas Edison remarked that a long time ago. However, looking at some of the discussions on the pre-match show and post match presentations, the usual suspects always try to give credit to select players be it Dhoni, Kohli or whoever. In post match presentation, I have seen the player receiving an award become surprised/uncomfortable with questions such as "did talking to xyz in the middle help?". Just focus on the player. 


The culture where such hero worshipping is promoted, cricket geared to help some players improve their stats, etc., is unwarranted. I hope that the new generation of cricketers and fans that come in, move away from such concepts. 


My 2 cents! 

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8 hours ago, Global.Baba said:

I thought thread  was about Hardik Pandya’s bowling :phehe:


SDP inspires but does not take credit, others speak about him whether it is the Australians who remarked that they learned how to bowl on those pitches in Aus looking at SDP's spell or teams keeping him near the bowlers so he could speak to them 


Hallmark of a leader :cool:

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