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Franco Vazquez

Ashwin drops out of IPL

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11 hours ago, kepler37b said:

Once a player drops out, it starts a flow. Will not be surprised if foreign players start to leave.  English and Australian players will drop out soon.  IPL is neither a emergency service nor any frontline work, Players must be allowed to go. 

They can finish IPL with domestic players if need be or outright postpone or cancel it they should bring in replacements into bio bubble. Cricket can wait no problem as there are ebigger problems.. But IPL can finish if it is feasible. 

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3 hours ago, SRT100 said:

Despite your insults, I wish you and all your family all the best during the pandemic and I hope this time next year, you are still here with us.


All the best.

Listen up you clown


Next time you wish death to someone, brush up your patronizing tone.


I live in no less a first world then you but don't go to town shouting from rooftops.

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