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The Vaccine: India's COVID-19 death toll grows at an alarming speed | ABC News

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This belongs in the chitchat forum, why can't I post in the chitchat forums? This is what is happeningt in India, my family are secverly impacted, found out yesterday my grandfather died at home because of COVID, he couldnt get admission in a hospital and my family couldnt get him oxygen, my cousin has COVID as well but lucky for her she managed to get a hospital bed but her family was forced to run around for hours looking for oxygen which they finally managed to get. I voted for the BJP and Modi and this is what he has done to my country, the country I love. And yet we have people on this forum sayingt it's all fake news, biased reporting, its western media that are lying, but Indian media is tellig the truth? Now who should I belive? A courrupt media that is licking Modis asshole or western media which is just doing its job reeporting? Can someone tell me? Can my Indian brothers and sisters tell me the truth? What the * is going on? I am *ngi angry, my family and India is being devasted by this, so tell me what should I do? Who should I turn to? Who should I believe?

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India is facing crisis, because it (like any poor country) lacking public healthcare and have overcrowded cities. The only policy that would have prevented it would have been the lockdown like in 2020. The 2021 strain is 50% more infectious, combined with the lockdown fatigue, you have a recipe for disaster.


I would not be surprised if similar waves start hitting other countries. It turns out declaring victory over covid after the first wave (due to lockdowns) caused minimal(relatively) damage. The second and the third waves will continue, according to the experts. And the vaccines now will not be effective because of new mutations in millions of people.


Not to be too pessimistic, but I think the only thing India can do now is to have a complete lockdown and ride out the wave. And try to prevent the deaths from reaching millions. 2021 can be written off. Have complete military enforced lockdown.

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