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Young talent- Vighnaj Prejith, 8 yr kid from Kerala

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29 minutes ago, BacktoCricaddict said:

145 ticks already!    

Training him to be good with both bat and ball. Batting improves early and more appealing for young kids of this age. So equal focus is there. Bowling, I take more as a drill, only 2 overs a day after every 1-2 days.  It's more like a workout where it is helping his muscles get stronger and making his bowling better. Every delivery is a rep. Started bowling with lighter ball and with this approach and now he is bowling as good as with heavy cricket size ball as he did with smaller and lighter ball.


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5 hours ago, cowboysfan said:

is he too poor to afford a bat? may be we should sponsor him.

Come on now. He has the entire kit on his person. Helmet, pads, whites etc. He can obviously afford/arrange for this stuff. Why would the parents/sponsors not throw in a bat?


My question was from a talent development point of view. Never seen any of the regular cricketers practice in this fashion in the nets.

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