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Australia got distracted by team India's sideshows - Tim Paine on series loss

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4 minutes ago, BacktoCricaddict said:

Thank you, Tim.  The intense pleasure of an epic beatdown was beginning to wane, but you my man Timothy, have single-handedly ensured that the endorphins are back.  Today I will waste 2 hours watching highlights of Pant, Shardul, Sundar, Nattu, Siraj, Gill, Vihari, Pujara and Ashwin beat you down.  Again. 

Cute boys of convict land need to tour India soon. So phainta incoming. I sense a 3 0 phainta. 

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1 hour ago, putrevus said:

I always admired Aussies in past as they played hard on the field and always played to win.But if they lost they never offered excuses and would give other team kudos for beating them. Paine is such a disgrace.

He's such a loser not like any of the Great aussie captains of the past

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Posted (edited)

How the mighty have fallen!!!!!!


2nd most prestigious leadership position in Australia->Bradman, Morris, Lindwall, Harvey, Benaud, Simpson, Chappells, Border, Taylor, Waugh, Ponting, Clarke, Smith


to a guy with less test 100s than Jayant Yadav...and 3 less than Saha despite playing almost same number of matches. 



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11 hours ago, bowl_out said:

He dropped like 10 catches in Sydney and Gabba

Because he was distracted by the sideshows! In comparison to this Paineful excuse, "the dog ate my homework book" sounds very reasonable!

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