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Cameron Bancroft: It's 'self-explanatory' that bowlers were aware of ball-tampering tactics in Newlands Test

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8 hours ago, sage said:

Bancroft as the junior player was left to take the fall. Incredible that Leheman remained unhurt.


Shows a lot about aussie convict culture they are good only when everyone is seeing else their true aussie nature comes out. Convicts basically.. 

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Obviously they knew this, that's why this charade of only 3 person knowing started the moment they got caught, Bowlers, other players not happy, Warner leaving whatsapp group and leaving hotel without other players, Other players have stopped talking with Warner - All this was circulated just to show how only and only Warner was responsible, He also received hate more because his behaviour with SA players throughout the series. Even that "The Test" tv show was attempt to whitewash Australian deeds. It's obvious those who are using the ball know the condition of the ball, if umpires can detect there is something wrong, why cant bowlers. It was well planned and god knows since when they had been doing that. 

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12 hours ago, Lone Wolf said:

Bowlers always know..  There is nothing new to it.  All three of them basically took one for the team & obviously whole team & Coaching staff knew about ball tampering. 


True. Bowlers like to take advantage by bowling with tampered ball. They are the ones who probably ask others to help them in tampering the ball.

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17 hours ago, Vilander said:


Shows a lot about aussie convict culture they are good only when everyone is seeing else their true aussie nature comes out. Convicts basically.. 

so their cricket playres cheat and that proves that they have convict nature? does Indians have match fixing nature because of what Azhar & co did? 

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It is foolish to think only those three were involved and  bowlers and coach were saints. Whole team was involved , everyone knew about it also. They wanted to put everything on Bancroft initially but it became much bigger than they could have imagined and Smith had to go down along with Warner after that press conference.



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Australia’s bowlers publish an ASTONISHING open letter denying they knew team-mates were cheating during 'sandpaper' Test… and accuse ex-skipper Michael Clarke and other former players of ‘rumour-mongering’

  • Cameron Bancroft hinted Australia's bowlers were aware of the sandpaper ball-tampering plot during South Africa Test in March 2018 
  • He said it was 'probably self-explanatory' that other players knew about plot   
  • David Warner's agent also hit out at investigation into plot which was 'a joke'
  • But Australia's bowlers have hit back emphatically with an open letter 
  • They deny knowing that team-mates were cheating and ask for end to 'innuendo' 
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