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Al-Jazeera claims Australia and England Test series against India were fixed, ICC dismisses claim

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https://www.business-standard.com/article/sports/india-s-test-matches-against-england-australia-were-not-fixed-icc-121051701023_1.html#:~:text=The ICC on Monday dismissed,"implausible as a fix".





The ICC on Monday dismissed claims made by news channel Al Jazeera that India's Test matches against England (2016) and Australia (2017) were fixed, saying the passages of play identified as fixed were entirely predictable, and therefore "implausible as a fix".

Al Jazeera in a documentary -- 'Cricket's Match Fixers' -- released in 2018 had claimed that India's game against England in Chennai in 2016 and the one against Australia in 2017 in Ranchi were fixed.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) also cleared five people -- filmed by the channel -- of any wrongdoing saying even as they behaved in a questionable manner but no credible evidence was available to charge them.

During the programme, an alleged bookie Aneel Munnawar :woot: was seen making claims about his dubious connections and history of fixing matches including two Tests involving Virat Kohli's Indian team.

The ICC had launched an investigation into the claims.

"The programme alleged that two matches were fixed: India v England in Chennai in 2016 and India v Australia in Ranchi in 2017. To assess whether the passages of play highlighted in the programme were unusual in any way, the ICC engaged four independent betting and cricketing specialists to analyse the claims," the ICC said in a release after it concluded its investigation.


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1 hour ago, Gollum said:

Jaljeera lol, didn't they attempt a similar stunt 2 years back only to pull back from sharing proof. Zero credibility. 

This is ICC's response to the same stunt they pulled 2 years back,  ICC took it seriously and have investigated with leads into the teams and are only now calling it fake news, 3 years later

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On 5/18/2021 at 10:49 AM, Jay said:

Ya 2017 looked more like a massive massive fix compared to any other game. 


India doesn't need to fix games to win and that too at home lmao rofl. 


Ranchi one was a draw. 


On 5/18/2021 at 9:51 AM, R!TTER said:

So it only happens when India wins huh, sounds like another (kind of) special forum we know of :cantstop:

All the allegations were about spot fixing, (like scoring X runs in certain overs) and not match fixing, maxwell even scored a 100 in the innings which he was accused in

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Was wondering when the communal loaerrs here will bring religion into it. 

1 hour ago, Frustrated said:

LMAO.   'Jaljeera' is run by jihadis (based in Qatar).   This kind of publicity stunt is expected. They do it from time to time.  BBC is also another such ****.


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Merge with Kaanspiracy theory thread. 


Same old trick - connecting unconnected dots, taking the words of people who have no credibility but claim to know things, and then making allegations based on their word. 


I scrolled through the video - if you already believe there is fixing, it is a pretty convincing video, you may even paint a picture in your mind that BCCI, ECB, ABC etc. (let's call them "Big Cricket") execs have given their blessing. 


If you don't believe there is fixing, then you ask yourself "why should I believe this guy or that guy in the video?"       

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