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Such is life

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Yeah, it is very strange but not uncommon, especially in football for example, Ronaldo was a hated figure in England after the world cup (England v Portugal) and even some passionate united fans hated him when he came to resume service with United (i didn't btw)... However they soon forgot about that and love him.. (although the rest of England (non united fans still hate him and boo him).. Regarding IPL, I love watching all the teams and love to see the performance of our indian players and hoping they do well. It felt so good when sehwag was smashing symonds! What i would say is for those of you who have 'hated' players in your team...support your team but just hope your hated player does rubbish but the rest of the team does well! (they will have good/bad games regardless).

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Guess what? Afridi drew so much cheers from the crowd it's not funny. Never had I seen Afridi being cheered by the Indian crowd but he seemed like a star yesterday for Deccan team. Similarly with Symonds. He was cheered like he was Tendulkar. In the end, it's all good for the sport.

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