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Kohli - shastri PC , kohli discussing plans for NZ without realising they were live

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2 hours ago, neel roy said:

If siraj plays i think ishant will sit out.. the thing to note is left handers.. issue is ishant is the best bowler to left handers.. ask Alistair cook..

Ishant is a must.....a must. Hope they dont do this blunder. Calling it early but i have a strong feeling this will be ishant sharma's tour..

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1 minute ago, Austin 3:!6 said:

I think Siraj is the best red ball bowler in India on current form. If he is fit, he should play. Shami wont be that effective in England though


I'm just saying what Kohli would do.


Everyone else would Bumrah,Ishant and Siraj.


Though Siraj being RCBian may favour him

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I say go with all 4. 



Ideally not Rohit in swing but.....



Rahane (ideally Sundar)








This would be ideal based on realistic possibilities under the helm of varat dunderhead kuli. 


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Last test Shami played was Pink ball test in Adelaide.  Before getting injured he in first inns he didn't pick any wickets & got outbowled by even Umesh & I remember he was attacking the stumps a bit too much there.  

Playing Shami over a red hot Siraj who is perhaps India's most in form bowler currently & Ishant who has good record in seaming conditions would be very very risky. 

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