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Harsh Thakor

Bowler-batsman combination in test cricket who most single-handedly carried team's prospects on their shoulders ?

Bowler-batsman combination in test cricket who most single-handedly carried team's prospects on their shoulders ?   

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  1. 1. Bowler-batsman combination in test cricket who most single-handedly carried team's prospects on their shoulders ?

    • Sunil Gavaskar-Kapil Dev
    • Javed Miandad-Imran Khan
    • Viv Richards-Malcolm Marshall
    • Martin Crowe-Richard Hadlee
    • Ricky Ponting-Shane Warne
    • Greg Chappell-Dennis Lillee
    • Steve Smith-Michel Starc
    • AB Devilliers-Dale Steyn
    • Inzamam Ul Haq-Wasim Akram
    • Don Bradman-Ray Lindwall
    • Sachin Tendulkar-Srinath
    • Brian Lara-Curtly Ambrose

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Here I am compiling a list of the pair of batsman and bowler that most single-handedly carried the fortunes of their team,in order of merit.It assessed how much a single pair of batsman and bowler's performances influenced a team's chances,or a team depended on most.

1.Greg Chappell-Dennis Lillee - If you see the scorecard of tests after 1976 you will see how much Australian cricket was shaped by Chappell and Lillee.A failure of one of them ,virtually robbed them of a prospect of a victory.I remember the 1980-81 home series v India,1981-82 home series v Pakistan,1979-80 home series v England and WSC supertests in West Indies in 1979.A century from Greg and a 5 wicket haul by Lillee together would almost win a tset match against anyone.Remember Chappell was statistically the best batsman of the 1970's while Lillee was on top amongts pace bowlers.

2.Javed Miandad-Imran Khan- The combination enabled Pakistan to capture the unofficial world test championship morally in 1988 in West Indies ,and earlier triumph in India and England.Both had the temperament of a soldier and took agression to a crescendo.Few better players when a team's back was to the wall.A great spell by Imran fol owed by a monumental innings by Javed would virtually make victory a probablity.If either one failed Pakistan's hopes would be destroyed.

3.Viv Richards-Malcolm Marshall- The best batsman and fast bowler of their age,who had great players alongside.Even if they failed they had a tsrong back up to compensate like Greenidge,Haynes,Richardson,Holding,Ambrose,Paters on etc.Still their absence could lead to a setback like in Georgetown against Pakistan or in India in 1987-88.The pair was so explosive and talented that collectively they could break the backbone of any opposition.

4.Martin Crowe -Richard Hadlee- For a relatively weak team both performed like champions.Hadlee single-handedly bore the brunt of the bowling attack and won many a game for the Kiwis while Crowe was an epitome of class and consistency,particularly in Australia.Stark fact that they hardly performed at their best at the same time.Neverthless Kiwis win in Australia in 1985-96 illustrated their collective worth and at home agaisnt England in 1984 and West Indies in 1987.

5.Sunil Gavaskar-Kapil Dev - Single-handedly carried Indian cricket on their shoulders.The 1979-80 series v Pakistan is a perct illustration,particularly at Madras when Sunny scored 166 and Kapil Dev captured 11 wickets and scored 84.Home series against England in 1981-82,series in Pakistan in 1982-83 and 1978-79 ,series at home v Pakistan in 1987,series in Australia in 1985-86 and ,series in England in 1979 ,are perfect examples.

6.Ricky Ponting-Shane Warne - 2 of the greatest match-winners but also had great players alongside.Both could turn the complexion of game before one could say Jack Robinson.This combination turned the face of Australian cricket to attain near invincibility.

7.Inzamam Ul Haq-Wasim Akram- Two of the most talented cricketers of all time.Inzy was the ultimate match-winner while Wasim took wizardry in fast bowling to magnitude none equalled.Series wins in New Zealand,England and games in West Indies and Australia testify their worth.

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Considering their team strength, I have gone with Hadlee-Crowe, who made NZ one of the top test 3 sides in the 80s ... Hadlee is probably the biggest match winner in test as NZ did not any test without him iirc. He also avgs 12-13 with the ball in matches won (some 20+ tests) 

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