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Greatest non-allrounder (specialist) cricketer of all time - Glenn Mcgrath

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Two things


McGrath was very good  but aided by conditions and at that Stage umpiring and the  Hyenas who circled around him, Guys like Ambrose and Steyn for me better then him.

Ambrose was awesome on those slow tracks and had more pace accuracy n venom

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On 6/7/2021 at 3:03 PM, rangeelaraja said:



You hit the nail on the head there with the last comment and the earlier stat.


Thank you, that brilliantly explains  Mcgrath's super-human performance and consistency and BIG GAME performance. Hated the guy to the core, but boy would have loved to have someone like him in our side when we had the Fab 5.


And then you have trolls like @zen,  who just litter every thread with their toddler level understanding of the game.





Put the guy on ignore list and life on this forum will be better. Do not engage, do not reply. Its definitely worked for me since I put that filter on :--D



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