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England's Ollie Robinson banned from int'l cricket for old offensive tweets

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Potentially he is being suspended to investigate whether there are more recent indications of offensive speech or behaviour. I think what the ECB don't want to do is hand out a mild punishment (e.g., a fine) and then more things come to light which they have to then also address. This feels a sensible rationale for suspension. I think if the investigation concludes then he could well be back for the second Test or the next Test after that. 


As far as I'm aware, it is not a "ban" but rather a suspension pending an investigation. I think if the investigation shows no more recent poor behaviour then the punishment will be fairly moderate. 

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6 minutes ago, sarchasm said:

And then you have the BCCI. Bend over backward to accommodate players from white countries in IPL who openly mock Indians on social media. Just came to know of some sad tweets from Morgan, Butter, Mccullum. Flat out disgusting that these barely disguised racists earn their bread in India while mocking Indians.

do share

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