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Who will be the Highest scorers in the upcoming ENG-IND series?

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KL Rahul is my pick this time


1.Rahane will play two good knocks, one small fifty and the other 80ish score(if we are lucky it might turn out to be a hundred) but that's it. 


2.Rohit - these are probably the most challenging conditions for a batsman like him, even if he plays out the first 15 overs he usually loses concentration after that which won't be enough to become the highest scorer also the duke ball starts swinging even more heavily after 12 overs, so all in all, even regular 30+ scores will be good enough. 


3.Pujji- the kind of form he is in, I expect him to lose his spot in the team mid way through the tour, can't score against spinners these days which used to be his strength. 


4.Kohli - It will either be boom or bust for him, he used to be a great batsman and  ATG batsman usually don't lose it at 33 so there's a good probability that he might turn it around this time but i dont think there's any middle ground here either great or yet another 2014 repeat. 


5.Pant - Will score impactful runs but won't be the highest scorer comes at no. 6 and also these conditions aren't best suited to his game but still he will definitely score well in the later part of the series.(Oval and Manchester probably) 




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If our lower order - Rahane, Pant, Jadeja, and Ashwin - can come out of the series averaging 35 or thereabouts collectively, we'd have done well. Big runs from 2 of the top 4 would put India very comfortably placed. KLR looks in a good headspace for that, the other 3 not so much.

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