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Rahane now averages less than 40 in test cricket


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  1. 1. Is our VC the worst investment in Indian cricket history?

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7 minutes ago, Ankit_sharma03 said:

becoz he cant play anywhere else, playing below needs strokes 

Oh btw so does these guys



niche se dekhna 

As good as his peers like Amla, Williamson and Root when batting in the first 10 overs, which would mostly be overseas in SENA. Only Smith is in a league of his own.

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51 minutes ago, Banton said:

Pujara is better than Rahul dravid (impact wise).


Yeah, keep spreading the myth.


I don't have the patience to debunk this. 


I will be happy if he scores some runs and gets consistency or just goes out of the team.  Watching him is a pain but I can tolerate as long as he gets some runs. Some of his fans though are delusional to say the least.

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Just now, rkt.india said:

Most of those runs are in India, not in England in swinging conditions. Ashwin plays on the up so is poor when ball swings.

he's not that good in swinging conditions, agreed, but he's not far behind this lot on current form. ashwin has an avg of 24 in Eng, Jaddu has 26.5, rahane has 27, and pujara has 27.5. all of them are pretty low.

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Just now, Sean Bradley said:

Never rated him from the beginning, yes he played well in one innings in Australia and won the series as captain, he deserves credit there, but overall his career has been a frustration for himself and fans.

it has been all the more frustrating because it genuinely began well. and then of course descended to very poor levels.

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23.33 - Ajinkya Rahane's batting average in Test cricket against England. It is the second-poorest average among players to bat in the top six for 20 or more Tests against a single opponent. Alec Bannerman had scored 1108 runs at an average of only 23.08 against England in 50 innings spread across 28 Tests between 1879 and 1893.


This data  reveals as to  how incompetent the TM has been when it comes to selection criterias. Such mediocrity has been  tolerated for such a

long time. Dozens of promising  young  batsmen waiting for their chances in domestic and yet this  'midget in every sense' has been allowed chances after chances along with that 'ultimate team destroyer at one down'

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