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NZ tour of Pakistan: 3 ODIs and 5 t20is

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12 minutes ago, rollingstoned said:

wasn't it Ik who once said most of them are cricket fans so Indian team shouldn't worry about touring Pakistan? It was before the 2004 tour.

2004 tour may matter to most for cricketing reasons,but it was memorable to me for inside studio stuffs

I remember Sidhu used to sit by Imran's side and throughout the series he used to hit wazeer e azam on his thighs,so hard that saying "well my bro"and paat,paat and paat

Wazeer e azam out of pain opted out of 5th odi and didn't show up thereafter from there on that tour

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So the Kiwis are back in Pakistan to play cricket after an eternity, albeit with a vastly depleted side due to unavailable key players who are taking part in the IPL. Can Pakistan beat this kiwi side or will they continue their trend of losing to second/third string sides? The series kicks off with the first ODI today

players to watch out for in this tour:


NZ - Sears, Ravindra, Allen
Pak - Wasim Jr., Dahani



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1.45pm Well, well.... We're hearing that the players have been told to stay inside their rooms. Do stick with us for further updates from Rawalpindi.


2.10pm Usually, the teams would be training by now, but looks like the teams haven't reached the venue yet. No signs of spectators yet either, says Danyal Rasool from the Pindi Stadium.




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