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NZ tour of Pakistan: 3 ODIs and 5 t20is

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6 minutes ago, neel roy said:

nowadays full fledged war never happens. Its the economic war which is more pertinent.. pakistan has done lots of things in kashmir punjab for last 40 years.. but in these last 40 years india s economy has grown exponentially.. kashmir punjab issues have never been able to stymie the growth.. and look at pakistan.. their economy is in tatters.. literally begging imf and china.. 

A country like ours can't do economic or tech war,full fledge war is our only option ,else there is no threat whatsoever .

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what is the reason why they cancel? dont tell me security alert. Then why they have ever decided to go there. It is part of parcel of going in Pakistan. NZ could have say no like how they did in last 10 years. 

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3 minutes ago, New guy said:

You cannot have a full fledged war with a neighbor which has nukes. Pakistan will get annihilated but india will be set back 200 years

You hedge on them not using nukes atleast on civilians,else not much one can do ,they are a police state so covert activities are also difficult.

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1 hour ago, Gollum said:


1947-48 Nehru's stupidity by involving UN

1965 we lacked ruthlessness

1971 military victory followed by political defeat in Simla


Anyway Atal was similar to Congressis in his mindset, one of the most pro-Pak PMs. The current gang is different. Indira had spine but can't compare current Congressi clowns to her. 


UPA had many opportunities to show spine in 2004-14 when Pak would carry out terror attacks almost on a monthly basis. They did nothing post 26/11 and that famous Sharm-el-Sheikh blunder. Can't trust them any more. 


How many major terror attacks since 2014? Compare intent now to 2004-14 years. 


UPA outperformed Modi's NDA in some areas most notably economy, but not when dealing with terror state Pak. 


doesn't matter which party or ideology is in power, this bug bites all PM's with the hubris to think what didn't change for decades will change under their watch until the inevitable reality check. it is the same with China too.

In Vajpayees case tbf to him he was arm twisted to take the bus ride to Lahore while a war was going on by some dalals in Delhi, some of them most notably from the media. By some distance he is one PM the padosis like a lot.


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57 minutes ago, ShoonyaSifar said:

Thinking of the ways to add fuel to the fire.


Maybe Gambhir tweeting on the lines of "sad day for international cricket when a visiting team doesn't feel fully secured and has to abandon a tour. Ful sympathy with NZC and NZ players."


Could trigger the entire nation.

Or maybe Modi sending a thank you tweet to Jacinda for her birthday wishes (even if she didn't wish him :laugh:)

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