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NZ tour of Pakistan: 3 ODIs and 5 t20is

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14 minutes ago, Serpico said:

I thought nz received 5eyes intelligence report? Lmao did they really cancel the tour based on random mails?


You’d be scared too and cancel your entire year (forget a series) had you received emails from:


22 minutes ago, vayuu1 said:

Chu..marikaemoji1787.pngemoji1787.png pappubho..emoji1787.pngemoji1787.png laalheeralaallo..emoji1787.pngemoji1787.png


Pancho, meri to naam pad ke hi p hat gai.  As they said in the cult classic Gunda:  “Khada ho gaya mera!!!  …. Sar ka ek ek baal”

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