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England's tour of Pakistan (both men and women) called off by ECB due to security concerns

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Funny how Pak nitwits blame BCCI and even NZC when the most duplicitous board that is ECB is given a free pass by all and sundry. 


ECB would call and PCB would go running and toured in 2016, 2017 (CT), 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 and made plenty for ECB( in no small part thanks to a few Brit Pak buffoons as well) but ECB didn't tour even once and now have cancelled this short trip as well. 


The best part is ECB took friggin 72 hours to maje up their minds apparently and have softened their statement by implying that Covid is an issue as well  :)))

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16 minutes ago, ShoonyaSifar said:

Brit Paxtanis calling for cancelling their Sky subscriptions! 


A bunch of completely delusion jokers

they are the real danger to the world more than the average Pakistani living in Pakistan just looking to get by.


these guys live on benefits, go to madrasas to get brainwashed and have access to technology and root against their own country and wish for sharia to be implemented in UK. 

There are plenty of decent Pakistanis too and sure I can understand if they are upset at this but the Brit types are the real scum. Yes I am generalizing because 90% of them are that.

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unlike the Taliban, outside of Pakistan no one considers Israel a terrorist country. It is a perfectly progressive country be it on the economic front or scientific front or in terms of defense. 
In fact if you had an option of either picking living under Taliban or Israel wonder what you would pick for the betterment of your live and your families life?

I wouldn’t pick either actually. I don’t support child murderers unlike bakhts.

Well it’s obvious why you don’t consider them terrorist country.. because you are okay with them slaughtering kids. Shameless hypocrisy.
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This was predictable. After all that noise against the New Zealanders, there was no way the English were going to take chances. NZ actually made a good faith effort to show up, and only left when the security advice changed. Yet they were accused of enjoying the good life of Islamabad and taking off. Now, if there was less drama, then over a period of time Pakistan could have worked with NZ and won their confidence back. And then maybe England come too.

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1 hour ago, Gollum said:

Last one month mein 3 teams have pulled out of tour to Pak






Pak military, govt, civilians all were enjoying Taliban takeover of Afg, now karma. Just the start, evil never goes unpunished. 


india balle balle daler mehndi GIF

This! On onehand every Pakistani supports Talibans victory and their governments doctrine in Talibanisation of region,  And then these people have gals to claim that their land is terrorist free and security will be given to foreign players. BC, You are nothing but terrorists with nukes. Its time, you get treated that way.


PS: Afghanistan and pushtoons misfortune is down to Pakistan being neighbour. If they were in any region other the Pakistani neighbourhood they may not be referred as Terrorists by most of world

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4 minutes ago, MultiB48 said:

If pak doesn't win icc events from here on ,it's going to be all over for them .

I am waiting for them to do something silly, keep attacking NZ, Eng and Aus boards issuing all kind of threats to them and to the ICC and get themselves banned from international cricket in that process. Expecting the Brit Paxtanis and their comedy news channels to fuel the fire (ably aided by RAW managed social media bots).

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