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6 minutes ago, Vijy said:

@Gollum --> anything that stands out to you in last few months vis-a-vis hockey?

The thing that stands out most is improvement in French team. They kinda remind me of 2007-08 Belgium, and we know how that turned out in the end.


Even in the junior WC French team impressed me the most. 


Watch out for them, don't be misguided by their place in the FIH Pro League table. Watch their games, even their junior team's games/playing style, their colts play modern hockey the way it is supposed to be played. Even in seniors they have scalps of Ind, Arg recently, and have run other top European sides close just missing out in shootouts a couple of times. 


More confused about Asia, till last month I genuinely thought Japan was the most improved side in the world. But they didn't fare well in Asia Cup, suddenly South Korea who I thought was finished took home gold. Malaysia a force to reckon with as usual, inconvenient opponent for India as is tradition.


Can't say much about India since we play different teams every tournament. Depth is decent (way behind Bel/Aus sadly) but I wish we play close to our best team more often, we are experimenting too much even in Pro League. Beyond a point too much chopping/changing isn't beneficial in a team sport.


Disappointed in our junior team, not because of the results but because they were playing outdated hockey, like our 90s/00s batches. Quite concerning. 

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