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players to be dropped forever from T20Is

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6 minutes ago, helperononline said:

Please don't go by IPL performance

What good did Mystery bowler Varun did in the last two matches ? 

Please stop picking players from tamasha league 

He bowled an excellent 4th over for only 2 runs and squeeze Pak momentum.


Blame Bhuvi for totally sucking and Shami too.


Kohli should have bowled Bumrah and Varun in the 1st 6 overs not sure why he has so much faith in Bhuvi.

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First we have to figure out whats the fundamental difference between IPL and international T20Is.


In IPL, an oldie team keeps humiliating young teams.


We play IPL 10x more often than international T20Is so its natural for insights to spill over here.


But looking at data, its clear things arent transferable.


So how much do we change?


I know a lot of us have our theories but unlike tests and ODIs .....there is very little clarity on whats the best approach for T20s.


One thing is clear tho...


Pick in form players.


Doesnt matter who they are.


Rohit out of form.

Sky out of form.

Kohli out of form for freaking years.


Bhuvi washed up.

Shami is unreliable even in IPL

Jaddu has his utility with improved batting but he has flopped a lot in t20Is.....


Pandya out of form.

Pant has been so so.


Varun C is a go If the others are in form....or else its risky....


I listed 9 players out of 11 here.



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